About the company

Luxan was founded by Ewa Krawczyk on 1 March 1997, and since then both our range and the technological quality of the products have constantly grown to make us a leading provider of high-quality blinds, shutters and other sun protection systems.

Although we started out with vertical blinds, it quickly became clear that demand was considerably higher than we had anticipated, so we expanded our range to included mosquito screens and pleated blinds. With further investment in new technologies, specialist machinery and equipment, Luxan can now offer our customers an extremely wide range of products, all of the highest quality. Through our annual presence at Szczecin’s International Fair we have built up numerous business contacts leading to long-term cooperation with stores which offer only the most trusted window blinds.

You can be sure of our:

wysoki standard, najwyższa jakość, szybki termin realizacji, profesjonalne doradztwo

We also have the widest choice of material designs and colours.

Anyone can quote you a great price for your blinds.
However, will they also have our high quality products, professional service, Europe’s largest range of colours and designs and keep to delivery deadlines?